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nextEDGE Technology, Inc. provides several services to improve your investment for product globalization and development

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Globalization Services
nextEDGE Technology, Inc. provides several services for product Globalization("G11n")
  • Product Internationalization("I18n") Services
    • Internationalization Consulting Services
    • InternationalizationImplementation Services
  • Product localization("L10n") Services
    • Product translation
    • Product testing and evaluation
    • Target languages
      • Japanese
  • Product Consolidation Services
    • Consolidation Consulting Services
    • Consolidation Implementation Services
Please refer to Software Engineering Services PDF documentation for more detail information about our Globalization Service

Software Product Globalization("G11n") Steps
Step 1. Define Localization Level
Before designing or having our software globalization service, you have to define "Localization Level" as the following:
  • Product providing as is (English UI and documentation )
    • Requires effort for ensureing all functionality under target language OS.
  • Product providing with translated documentation
    • No change with program code. Providing translated user guide or any documentation will help user to use it
  • Product localization
    • Localize existing product to target language
    • Requires full set of testing due to code changes for localization
    • Technical review of documentation to ensure consistency of doc and UI translation
  • Product localization with I18n
    • Make sure program code is localizable.( Message isolation, Locale aware design, i18n character set like as utf )
    • Product localization and feed back for I18n
  • Develop internationalized product
    • Define pilot language to ensure product is localizable

Software Product Globalization("G11n")Process
Globalization Process
nextEDGE Technology, Inc. proposes one or more appropriate approach to proceed product globalization
  • Product Internationalization
  • Product Localization and establishing localization process
  • Product Consolidation

nextEDGE Software Product Globalization Solutions
nextEDGE Globalization Solutions
nextEDGE offers effective solutions in key areas such as:
  • Localize existing products
  • Localize existing products, and consolidate all enhancements for future product update release
  • Develop new product as "L10n Ready" product
  • Develop new product as "Globalized" product