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nextEDGE Technology is a specialized software engineering company focused on providing Globalization("G11n") = Internationalization(gI18nh) and Localization (gL10nh) - skills to successfully improve customer's products

Twelve years of I18n and L10n experience at leading computer manufacturer



SEEDS Tsukuba2 #302
1-13-4 Ninomiya, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, Japan
Tel: 029(858)1126 Fax:029(858)7510

Established March, 8 2004

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Company name "nextEDGE" means that we keep working on for next edge with customers.

  • Mission
    • To be best trusted software engineering company, guaranteeing the quality and cost efficiency of our products and services
    • To be best partner for our customer, collaborating in customers' projects and products
  • Objectives
    • To meet and exceed our customers' expectations
    • To be a industry and socially responsible company
    • To be the 'next edge' with customer and partners

  • Nov. 2003 Established nextEDGE Technology, Inc. in Houston, TX, USA
  • March 3, 2004 Established nextEDGE Technology K.K in Tsukuba, Japan (Office in Japan )
  • August 23, 2004 Started Web site as solution for G11n service.

    NOTE: For more detail information aboutshareEDGE G11n service, please see business opportunity in Japan .